Ceramic Dental Implants

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Ceramic Dental Implants

A natural and metal free alternative to titanium implants

At our clinic in Malvern our dedicated implant surgeons are delighted to be working with world renowned implant company Straumann, to offer our patients an alternative to metal implant by using biocompatible ceramic implants, for those patients wanting a more natural material.

Confidence in reputation

Straumann is a pioneer and global leader in implant dentistry and has been researching, developing and manufacturing implants since 1974 and has pioneered many of the most influential and groundbreaking technologies and techniques in implant dentistry, with the aim to enhance implant success and improve patient experience.

Unlike titanium implants, ceramic implants are hypoallergenic, which is not the case with metal implants. With the growing numbers of allergies in today’s society, patients sometimes request a ceramic alternative to their dental implant.

In addition, there are some aesthetic reasons why a ceramic implant may be a better option. Patient soft tissue may be thin or very translucent, or patients may be prone to gum recession, in these cases the white, ceramic implant may be used to ensure an optimal final aesthetic appearance.

If you are worried about missing teeth, or are fed up with loose, uncomfortable dentures please don’t hesitate to call our wonderful team today to book your free consultation at Ascent Dental Care Malvern


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