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You may have heard the term ‘cosmetic dentistry’ before and be wondering what it is? Perhaps you have had a more detailed looked and found the different varieties on offer as showcased on our website? In our latest blog post, we will provide a general guide to cosmetic dentistry before looking at specific types more closely in later postings.

Essentially cosmetic dentistry involves anything that will enhance the look of your teeth, smile or gum area. Perhaps another way of phrasing it aesthetic dentistry – this perhaps gives a better understanding of what the role actually is. The difference between normal procedures that dentists carry out and cosmetic dentistry, is down to a choice rather than a requirement. In other words, if you have a dental problem like toothache or bleeding gums, this has to be sorted. Having your teeth whitened is a choice designed to enhance your esteem and lifestyle.


What are the common factors that mean people arrive at cosmetic dentistry as an option?


Generally speaking most people who want cosmetic dentistry want it for the same sorts of reasons. Perhaps their teeth are stained or chipped, misaligned in some way, or they are unhappy with their smile. Cosmetic dentistry won’t be for everyone and is actually discouraged in some cases but it may well be helpful for many people.


Although cosmetic dentistry is something which has taken off in recent years, it is not exactly a new concept as forms of it were discovered and used centuries ago. More recently, it has been used by celebrities and people in high classes as it was a very expensive option. Nowadays, treatment is far more accessible to the ordinary person.


Research has shown that cosmetic dentistry has many positive psychological effects along with lifestyle and options generally.


An increase in a persons self-esteem and confidence along with social life are perhaps the most obvious, but studies have shown that cosmetic dentistry can even help boost career prospects for example. The importance of a radiant and confident smile is not to be underestimated. It is because of all these factors that many people seek to explore their options on cosmetic dentistry.


Before deciding whether you want cosmetic dentistry there are a few things you will need to consider:

* What you actually want to achieve.

* Whether this is achievable.

* What budget you have to work with and how this will impact the type and amount of treatment you want / need.


Most dentists who offer cosmetic treatments (including ourselves) will know this, and often all these questions can be answered at a consultation.


There are many different types of cosmetic dentistry options available. Which one you choose will depend on what you want to achieve. Some of the most popular include teeth whitening, dental veneers and treatments for gummy smiles.


One tip we would give you if you are thinking about having cosmetic dentistry is to visit the right place and do research before. You want to make sure your appearance is enhanced and not compromised, so visiting a clinic with a specialist team with experience and qualifications is a must. Patients who choose cosmetic dentistry at our dental clinic are in very safe hands.


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