What makes a good dentist?

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As dentists we are all too aware that we are not everyones best fan and we can go even further than that and realise that some people are actually scared of us. The trouble is that the dental profession and the dentists who work in it are often not fully understood by people or even their patients, which leads people to become apprehensive because they don’t know what to expect.

Like every profession there is good and bad and some work with people better than others. In this article we’ll take a look at what makes a good dentist. Perhaps then you will feel more comfortable in seeking out some of these qualities in your own search.



Dentists must have good communication skills. In a medical type professional where people are being dealt with, this is perhaps the number one skill. Communication includes both speaking and listening. Dentists must be able to explain information to help their patients and communicate this in a way which the patient can understand. Equally though the dentist must be willing to listen to their patient and act on their concerns. It really is a ‘two way street.’


Following on from the above, your dentist should also have a good personality – that is for dealing with business and people as patients. A dentist should be friendly and approachable to ensure their patients can talk to them without fear. A dentist will only be good at making their business flourish if they can build up a client base, and this will only be done with satisfied clients who feel comfortable with their dentist.


Dentists must have the desire to learn. A good dentist will never be satisfied with what they know or previous experience, but instead always want to further and advance that knowledge. Dentistry is a branch of science at the heart and as such, this is always changing with new discoveries. The best dentists will be aware of this and integrate developments into their patient procedures.


Your dentist should provide a welcoming and friendly environment at the dental surgery and these qualities should also relate to them as a person also. The key with this is all about relaxing the patient and making them feel comfortable – especially if they are nervous about the experience.


Your dentist should also provide a clean environment. A dental surgery is similar to a doctors or hospital and all equipment needs to be sterile with patient safety and cleanliness at the heart of what is done.


Dentists need to be good at problem solving. Most of the time the answers to patients questions are easy and known from experience. Sometimes this won’t be the case, yet the patient will still expect answers and advice. Having a logical and levelled head to solve problems can really help in these circumstances.


Not many people think of this one, but dentists need to be good with dexterity. When thought about the mouth is a very small space, and some procedures are complicated. A steady hand and good hand-eye co-ordination can be a real benefit to making the patient experience far more comfortable.


Does your dentist work in a team and work well with other members of the practice? Many dental practices share with hygienists and other staff. Many dentists also have links with other related professionals such as at dental hospitals. How your dentist interacts with others can be a telling sign whether someone is respected at what they do.


Does your dentist have these qualities on their CV?


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We wish all our patients & readers a wonderful Christmas and prosperous 2019!


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