Managing teeth with age

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At any age is it vital to look after our health. As we get older it becomes extra important to preserve the way we look and feel to avoid problems and complications arising. Looking after your teeth as you get older is one way you can work towards this, and in our latest article we’ll give you the best advice for achieving this.

As we get older some of the main dental problems such as decay, gum disease, mouth infections and even oral cancers can increase. This doesn’t mean we should despair. Until the modern era, it was seen as inevitable that we would all lose our teeth as we get older, but thanks to scientific advances this is now not necessarily the case.

Teeth are strong and durable parts of our body, but that doesn’t mean they are invincible! As the years pass the enamel begins to wear owing to constant biting and sometimes grinding. As we regularly consume sugar, fizzy drinks or acidic substances, these can also have an accelerated effect on weakening the teeth and making them more vulnerable.


Some of the main problems the older mouth faces

* As we get older teeth can become darker due to a lifetime of substances which stain the surface.

* The mouth drying up is also another common problem and is caused by a reduction in the saliva flow. This can also be an indication of other medical conditions, or side effects of tablets.

* Tooth loss – it still does happen and gum disease is one of the biggest causes of it.

* Root problems. Gum issues can cause roots to be exposed as the tissue wears away.

* The older mouth can also experience problems with the jaw line – especially if the spaces around empty teeth are not addressed.


What can be done as we get older?

Forget getting older, the question should be ‘what can we do as we are younger’? It is how you treat and your approach to oral health and teeth during your child and adulthood, which will shape your teeth for the future and whether they will stand the test of time. We all know that teeth are not naturally replaceable as adults and we must do our upmost to look after the set we have.


As we get older it is more important than ever to follow standard and recommended dental practices, including brushing and flossing twice a day and visiting the dentist for a regular check up to ensure everything continues to work normally.

Some of the best advice we can give a person with the older mouth is to seek assistance as soon as they get any problems or notice anything unusual. Fast action is key to ensure the best treatment can be given. Remember that oral health is a stepping stone and indicator to general health and problems with one normally indicate something is amiss with the other. Like at any age but especially as we get older, we need to ensure overall health is looked after, and caring for the teeth and mouth is one way the bigger picture can be nurtured.


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