What type of Dentures are best for you?

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Many of us opt for the use of dentures to hide our dental issues and help us to achieve the perfect smile, but with more options being made available on the market, we find making the right choice for us and our teeth is becoming a task of increasing difficulty.

What are the differences between the different types of denture, and which one should you choose?


Acrylic Dentures


Acrylic dentures are false teeth made from a plastic type of material that is easily moldable; making it a great candidate for use in the creation of dentures as they will require alterations over a period of time. This type of treatment can be utilised for both partial and complete dentures and is a great choice for anyone looking for a quick fix to their dental issues, as they are easy to fit and alter with not much effort being required to make alterations when compared to other materials such as metals. While they may not look as natural or be as durable, acrylic dentures are much more affordable when compared to the other options, making them a strong candidate.


Metal Dentures


A metal-based denture is created with metal casting as opposed to plastic, making this option much more durable and long-lasting when compared to the other types of denture on the market. This false teeth option is commonly used in cases where a narrow denture is required, as these are too weak if made from plastic and tend to break much more easily. In situations such as these, metal dentures provide the best solution and the required strength for the denture to carry out its job to success.

Metal dentures tend to be better suited for use on the lower jaw, as the jaw tends to lose weight alongside the loss of teeth. A heavier denture can provide more comfort and stability for the patient.

While this is a solution that is slightly more expensive and difficult to adjust when compared to other options, can be argued to be one of the most hygienic denture choices currently available.


Valplast Dentures


Valplast dentures are defined as flexible and removable partial dentures that offer an affordable and visually appealing way to replace any missing teeth. This is a lightweight, but strong, non-invasive treatment that works by fitting around your remaining teeth, creating a more natural look when compared to the other options and also making it a great option for particularly nervous patients.

What’s more, Valplast dentures are made to your exact measurements and will adapt to your mouth, helping to make the treatment as comfortable as possible while also giving effective results.

However, it is important that you take extra care when removing these dentures as to not accidentally break them, as this option comes with a lifetime guarantee to never break under conditions of usual wear, meaning, with proper care, they should never need replacing.


To conclude, while there are multiple types of denture made readily available to us, there is no right or wrong option, as each method is better suited to one situation over the other. Finding the right choice for you is mainly a matter of personal preference and what you require of your dentures. If you’re considering dentures and want to find out more, visit our dedicated denture page to see what our Ascent Dental Care Malvern can do to help you.

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