Is At-Home Teeth Whitening the Right Choice for you?

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A rise in the popularity of home whitening kits has been seen throughout the years, especially within the demographic of young adults and teens, as an effective way to whiten teeth and achieve a brighter, more attractive, smile. However, can these over-the-counter products be considered safe, and are they as effective as professional teeth whitening treatments carried out by a cosmetic dentistry professional?

In regards to safety, home teeth whitening kits are relatively harmless, having no known link to any serious health issues. Thought, this does not mean that this treatment method comes with no implications to dental health is used beyond the recommended product instruction. The overuse of whiteners can cause great damage to the tooth’s enamel, exposing the sensitive dentin layer underneath and creating issues of sensitivity.

Those of an especially younger age should take precaution against the excessive use of drugstore products such as whitening strips and gels, as permanent enamel that’s found on the surface of the tooth could still be in its development stages, meaning it won’t be as effective in protecting teeth from potential damage against the substances found within whitening kits.

In regards to the impact these kinds of products should be expected to have upon the appearance of your teeth, most at-home whitening kits purchased over the counter should be able to achieve their advertised level of brightness; however, results will, more than likely, greatly differ to those that can be achieved at a professional cosmetic dentistry clinic. The percentage of bleaching agent found within home whitening products is normally around only 10%. This means increased application sessions are required in comparison to clinical teeth whitening treatments as to achieve the same results. The level to which your teeth are brightened is also controlled to a better standard when this type of treatment is carried out within an office setting; trained professionals are able to more accurately adjust shading, ensuring the appearance of teeth are improved but a natural look is also retained.

For those with dental implants or any other type of dental restoration, such as veneers, who may be considering the use of an over-the-counter whitening kit to improve the appearance of their teeth, it may be important to note that restoration methods such as those mentioned prior are unable to be whitened through the use of bleach. This should be taken as an indication that at-home whitening methods may not provide the right option for you. Professional assistance is recommended within these situations as to ensure teeth keep a natural look and blend together well.

To conclude, while over-the-counter teeth whitening kits may be able to provide slight results in regards to the brightness of your teeth, the results are nowhere near as effective as those that can be achieved by a cosmetic dentistry professional; getting your teeth whitened at a dental clinic also helps in minimising any risk that may be involved and better achieves more natural-looking results.
If still considering at home-whitening treatments but looking for a safer option, Ascent Dental Care Malvern is able to offer professional whitening kits to our clients for out-of-office use, allowing you to achieve excellent results at a time to suit you.

To discover more about the tooth whitening treatments that we have to offer, visit our dedicated page. Alternatively, you can get in touch for more information about what Ascent Dental Care Malvern can do to help you.

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