How your diet affects your teeth.

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In today’s world, we have so much variety when it comes to our food and beverages, it’s often hard to see just the amount of damage some can do if consumed regularly for long periods of time. Carbonated and alcoholic drinks can have a direct effect on staining, yellowing and dissolving our teeth, as do foods high in sugar such as sweets and chocolate. With dentists reporting record numbers of their patients are consuming food and drinks high in sugar, it’s time to look at how we can balance our diet better for our nutritional needs, and oral benefit.


Sugary foods

When we consume food and drinks high in sugar, the bacteria in our mouths combines with the sugar to create an acid. This acid then attacks our teeth for around 20 minutes until it is dissolved. This can cause tooth decay if these foods are repeatedly ingested. Almost all food and drinks will contain sugar, however balancing sugar into our diet through reading the labels and keeping track of how much you have taken daily, will hugely benefit your overall health and the condition of your teeth.


 Getting the right nutrients

If your diet is lacking the correct balance of nutrients, you will find it more difficult for the tissues in your mouth to fight off infections, which can lead to severe gum disease and the loss of teeth. Poor nutrition can also accelerate the pace in which these diseases and infections can take hold. By taking our nutrients in a balanced way that coincides with pyramid, we can drastically reduce the chances of developing health issues later on.

To maintain a balanced diet, try eating from a variety of foods each from different food groups, whilst limiting the number of snacks you eat throughout the day. Eating within meals causes less harm than sporadically through snacks, due to the saliva being released already, helping wash away foods and reduce the effects of acid on your teeth.


Choosing the right snacks

Having a sweet treat every now and then is perfectly fine, however, When foods high in sugars such as pastries, sweets and chocolate, are a part of your everyday diet, it may be time to reconsider what you are eating, as these foods lead to tooth decay and other serious health problems.

Try replacing sugary snacks with fruit, vegetables and dairy products as a way to reduce the sugar levels entering your mouth and in turn, reduce the amount of acid attacking your teeth. Again, try combining these snacks into your meal to reduce acid levels.


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