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Price List

TreatmentNon Members Fee
New Patient Initial Consultation£68
Routine Examination 51
Small X-rays Each £10
Panoral X-ray£34
CBCT 3D Scan From£98
Periodontal Treatment Consultation£136
Scale and Polish From £63
Air Flow Polish £46 + scale & polish fee
Treatment Consultation FREE
Sedation From £397
Composite Fillings From £141
Glass Ionomer Fillings From £76
Root Canal Treatment From £451
Extractions From £155
Crowns From £737
Bridges From£986
Dentures From£624
Orthodontic Consultation FREE
Metal Fixed Braces From £1,500
Clear Fixed Braces From£1,750
Lingual Braces From£1,750
Clear Aligners (Invisalign & Clear Correct) From£1,650
Cosmetic Smile Makeover Consultation FREE
Polar Home Teeth Whitening £397
Boutique Home Teeth Whitening£397
Enlighten Home Teeth Whitening £561
In Surgery Teeth Whitening£737
Porcelain Veneers From£794
Composite Veneer From£397
Dental Implants Consultation FREE
Single Implant Placement Including Restoration From £2750
Same Day Smile From£13,000
Bone Graft From£500
Facial Aesthetics ConsultationFREE
Anti Wrinkle Treatments From£221
Fillers From£284

Emergency Fees

TreatmentNon Members Fee
Emergency Appointment (not inclusive of treatment fees)£57
Out of Hours Call Out (Members only)£180