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Our cosmetic ‘Jet Wash’

At our clinic in Malvern we use the wonderful ‘airflow’ system to highly polish patient’s teeth.

Airflow is a little like micro-dermabrasion or ‘jet washing’ for teeth! Fine particles of crystals are gently blasted onto the enamel of your teeth to remove stubborn staining caused by tea/coffee, red wine or smoking.

This powerful cleaning method is great for patients wanting an instantly brighter, whiter smile.

Airflow at Ascent Dental Care Malvern

Airflow is fast, effective and the results are absolutely wonderful. You can enjoy an airflow treatment at the same time as your professional cleaning (just let us know when you call to book). However, some patients use the airflow as a standalone procedure, particularly if they have a special event or holiday on the horizon and they want to look their very best for photos!

If you have unsightly staining or would simply like a refresh for your holiday, then call us today to book your Airflow appointment.

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