A Guide to Healthy Gums

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It’s common fact among medical professionals that the majority of adults within the UK will experience issues caused by gum disease at some point within their lives, making the problem seem almost impossible to avoid. However, there are actions you can take as to work towards the achievement of health gums as an effective way to prevent, or even treat, the symptoms of periodontitis. Below, we’ve compiled a list of what you can do to achieve a healthy smile.

Brushing your Teeth

Though a common tip, the effective cleaning of your teeth and gums is an extremely critical step when aiming to avoid gum disease; the upkeep of good oral hygiene and use of proper brushing techniques playing a vital role in the prevention of many dental issues, such as tooth decay and bleeding gums. The maintenance of this habit should also be considered of high importance and individuals should look to brush their teeth at a minimum of twice a day using a high-quality toothbrush, such as a standard electric toothbrush.
An electric model toothbrush can assist in the brushing of teeth to a higher standard and allows for the proper cleaning of the back of the teeth, as this is an area often neglected when using a manual toothbrush.

Effective brushing should be carried out with a level of firmness that does not work to damage the gums; harsh brushing, or the use of the wrong technique, may lead to gums receding. The use of an electric toothbrush fitted with a pressure sensor can help in the avoidance of this problem.


Flossing several times per day, specifically between meals, can act as a great way to effectively remove a build up of plaque from the surface of teeth in difficult to reach places. While there is a common misconception that flossing is only to remove dislodged food, it actually offers a great way to reduce levels of plaque and is an essential in preventing the risks involved with gum disease. However, flossing should not be considered a substitute for proper brushing and should be used alongside regular teeth cleaning as opposed as a replacement for such.

Regular Dental Visits

While you can stay on the lookout for the symptoms and signs of problems such as periodontitis, only a professional dental expert will be able to properly diagnose any early signs of gum disease and advise the best course of treatment to undertake. Regular check-ups would be able to ensure any issues are prevented and oral hygiene is maintained to a high standard.

If you’re suffering from complications caused by periodontitis, it is important to consult your local dentist who will be able to provide advice and treatment. Alternatively, for more information on gum disease, visit our dedicated periodontitis page, or get in touch with Ascent Dental Care Malvern
and discover what we can do to help you.

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