Root Canal (Endodontics)

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Root Canal Treatment

A positive way to relieve pain and a great alternative to losing teeth.

Root Canal at Ascent Dental Care Malvern

Very often, you will hear the word ‘root canal treatment’ uttered with dread by people who have suffered with a dental abscess or extreme pain resulting from knocking their teeth or extensive decay.

In reality, root canal treatment does not cause pain but in fact helps to relieve it!

The negativity around root canal treatment often stems from the cause of the problem itself, i.e. the abscess or broken tooth. A root canal treatment (also known as ‘endodontic’ treatment) is used to help effectively treat these problems long-term and ultimately will help to save the tooth.

How does a root canal procedure work?

When a tooth has been badly knocked, is heavily decayed or becomes infected, this will often cause the ‘nerve’ of the tooth to die. The ‘nerve’ of the tooth is a little chamber or pulp that lives on the very inside of the tooth containing fibres and blood vessels. Sometimes, if a tooth is heavily filled or damaged, the pulp becomes exposed to bacteria. At this point patients may feel slight toothache, or discomfort on eating/chewing or the tooth can become very hot or cold sensitive. If this occurs, it is crucial to begin root canal treatment as soon as possible to stop a painful abscess from forming.

At our clinic in Malvern, we will ensure that patients are seen and assessed for treatment as quickly as possible.

This will mean a thorough examination, vitality testing and x-rays to confirm the diagnosis.
If root canal is required, we will make the tooth comfortable and then begin the process of gently removing the nerve, disinfecting the root chamber and sealing the root to ensure bacteria cannot enter in the future. Depending on the case, we may give you some analgesics and/or antibiotics to reduce inflammation and reduce post op discomfort.

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment at our clinic in Malvern

  • Can remove the pain (often instantly) caused by tooth abscess or mass decay.
  • Can help save the tooth from extraction, tooth loss and resulting unsightly gaps
  • Treatment can be carried out in as little as 30 minutes
  • Can help to preserve the integrity of your entire dentition.
  • If you are a nervous patient, we can treat you under Dental Sedation to ensure your whole experience is relaxed and stress-free.

In short, a root canal treatment at our Ascent Dental Care Malvern
clinic, can actually be a very positive experience as it helps to relieve pain and save your teeth.

If you are suffering from pain or discomfort, have a dental abscess or think that you may need extensive treatment that includes root canal, please don’t put off visiting the dentist due to pain or fear. Root canal treatment is much more straight forward than you think and you will be made very comfortable throughout the entire procedure.

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