Immediate Dentures

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Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures for a timely solution following tooth loss

Immediate dentures are temporary dentures used by patients who have experienced dental treatment for missing teeth on either or both the upper and lower jaw.

Immediate dentures mean that you are not left without teeth for any period of time.

If you have teeth extracted, your mouth will need to heal for a few weeks before a complete/new denture can be made. In these cases, we may suggest that you use an immediate denture in the meantime.

Temporary immediate dentures allow patients to continue having a full set of replacement teeth while their gum tissue heals, ready for their permanent dentures. Usually, we will fit immediate dentures on the same day as their dental treatment, such as tooth extraction. As your mouth heals, the gums and bone may shrink and so we can reline the immediate denture to adjust the fit.

Benefits of immediate dentures:

  • It will allow for a more timely and effective adjustment to wearing dentures full -time (if this is your final treatment of choice)
  • Again, if dentures are your final restoration of choice, immediate dentures allow patients time to provide feedback for their permanent denture design
  • Allows time for the soft tissue to heal and any changes to shape and structure of bone and tissues
  • Allow patients a fast return to normal function
  • We can easily reline the immediate denture as changes to your tissue occurs

How are immediate dentures made?

We often ask patients to bring in photos of themselves with their natural teeth so that we can get an idea of facial features and tooth size & length. Your FREE comprehensive denture consultation will be thorough and discreet so that together, we may work towards the best solution for you.

The whole procedure can take as little as 1 week depending on each individual case. We will normally schedule two appointments as follows:

Session 1

  • Assess your facial form and features
  • Look at old photographs of your smile/teeth (if you have them available)
  • Prior to extracting your teeth, we will take a series of impressions/molds of your existing teeth to be sent to the laboratory for the immediate denture to be constructed
  • We will assess the health of the surrounding teeth (if present) to ensure they are strong enough to support the denture

Session 2

  • We will remove any diseased, decayed or broken teeth that are to be replaced by the immediate denture
  • We will fit the immediate denture in place
  • Adjust the fit until optimum comfort is achieved
  • Schedule any follow-up visits to review the soft tissue and adjust/reline the denture as required.
  • Give you the advice needed to look after your mouth post tooth removal

We will continue to monitor the patient experience for fit and comfort. If you are thinking about new or replacement dentures, why not call us today at Ascent Dental Care Malvern, to book your free consultation

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