Partial Dentures

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Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures to replace multiple missing teeth and large gaps

A partial denture is used to replace one or more missing teeth and will fit snugly alongside your remaining teeth. \

Partial dentures are easy to wear and patients soon adapt, bringing improved comfort when speaking and eating.

Partial dentures are usually made from either acrylic or metal with plastic teeth (acrylic) and gum areas. The framework can include metal or plastic clasps to hold the denture snugly in place. If you have missing teeth partial dentures can be a comfortable and cost effective way of having a complete, well-functioning set of teeth.
If you have multiple missing teeth, your natural teeth may drift apart and move into the gaps, the replacement teeth on partial dentures will stop drifting of your natural dentition and help to keep your natural teeth stable. Partial dentures fill in any missing gaps, so you are able to smile with confidence and restore eating and chewing.

Benefits of partial dentures?

  • Partial dentures can close gaps and stop natural teeth from drifting
  • Partial dentures can be made out of metal or plastic flexible materials, to ensure they fit in the mouth well and result in the maximum amount of comfort for the wearer.
  • Partial dentures are usually less bulky because they are naturally smaller and so the final fit is much more stable and snug.
  • Tooth coloured clasps can be added to partial dentures to increase stability and function
  • A whole dentition can be replaced using natural teeth & partial dentures which means that both appearance and function are restored
  • Gaps in front teeth can be closed using partial dentures
  • They are a low- cost alternative to dental implants

At Ascent Dental Care Malvern, our skilled dentists and laboratory technicians work closely to create dentures that are perfectly bespoke. Communication is key. We promise to be sensitive to your needs, thoughtful about your appearance and are committed to providing you with dentures that will make you feel whole again.

How are partial dentures made?

We often ask patients to bring in photos of themselves with their natural teeth so that we can get an idea of facial features and tooth size & length. Your FREE comprehensive denture consultation will be thorough and discreet so that together, we may work towards the best solution for you.

We offer 0% finance at our clinic in Malvern to ensure that partial dentures are accessible and affordable for everyone

The whole procedure can take from 2-4 weeks depending on each individual case. We will schedule a range of 20-30 minute appointments during which we will:

  • Assess your facial form and features
  • Look at old photographs of your smile/teeth (if you have them available)
  • We may take photos of your existing dentures in the mouth
  • We will carry out a thorough examination of your mouth and soft tissue to ensure you are healthy
  • We will assess the health of the surrounding teeth to ensure they are strong enough to support the denture
  • Discuss and choose the type of support clasps we use
  • We will take a range of impressions and molds of your mouth and teeth
  • Possibly schedule a meeting with your denture technician if deemed appropriate
  • Show you how to take care of your dentures at home
  • Adjust the fit or reline the metal denture until optimum comfort is achieved

If you are thinking about new or replacement dentures, why not call Ascent Dental Care Malvern
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