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Dentures in Malvern

Comfortable and snug dentures for a natural smile

At our clinic in Malvern, we see many patients who have been suffering from loose dentures, multiple missing teeth or worn & broken down teeth. We are able to offer a wide range of denture solutions at our Malvern denture clinic, in order to transform a patient’s smile and help them to enjoy life again.

We have a wide range of denture solutions at our clinic in Malvern. These include:

  • Metal dentures
  • Acrylic dentures
  • Full and Partial dentures
  • Secure dental implant retained dentures
  • Immediate dentures
  • Super flexible ‘Valplast’ dentures for a premium experience

Losing teeth can be a very distressing experience as it can impact on your ability to eat, chew and speak normally, in addition many patients report low self-esteem, loss of confidence in social situations and a poor aesthetic appearance. Therefore, we recognise the importance of why you may need to come to our dentures clinic, and the fantastic transformation this can bring.

Dentures can be a wonderful low cost, tried and tested solution for patients with multiple or complete missing teeth.

Sometimes, patients can be nervous at the thought of having dentures for the first time, or in replacing dentures they have worn for many years. Common questions are:

  • • Will the dentures look natural?
  • • Will I look like ‘me’?
  • • Will other people be able to tell that I have dentures?
  • • Will the dentures fit properly?
  • • Will there be any changes to my speech?

Denture technology has improved significantly over the last 10 years and modern, custom made dentures are comfortable, snug and can replicate your natural teeth.

Our dentists at Ascent Dental Care Malvern really understand that creating new dentures for our patients is a highly personal experience

We often ask patients to bring in photos of themselves with their natural teeth so that we can get an idea of facial features and tooth size & length. Your comprehensive denture consultation will be thorough and discreet so that together, we may work towards the best solution for you.

At our clinic in Malvern, our skilled dentists and laboratory technicians work to create dentures that are perfectly bespoke. Communication is key. We promise to be sensitive to your needs, thoughtful about your appearance and are committed to providing you with dentures that will make you feel whole again.

Benefits of having treatment at Ascent Dental Care Malvern are:

  • Dentures are custom made with a focus on exacting detail
  • Dentures will help to support your facial features
  • Natural dentures will help to restore lost confidence
  • Dentures can replicate your own natural teeth
  • Dentures are a quick solution and can be made in as little as 2 weeks
  • A sense of wellbeing and improved nutrition is restored

You will be supported by a team that are sensitive to your needs

We offer a discreet and comprehensive denture package at our clinic in Malvern. Please call us today to book your free consultation. We offer 0% finance at our clinic in Malvern to enable you to afford the very best dentures available.

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