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Emergency Dentists in Malvern

Tooth ache? Sore gums? Broken denture? Need to see an emergency Dentist today?

If you need to see an emergency dentist, call the team at Ascent Dental Care Malvern today, we will be happy to see you for an emergency appointment at our Malvern emergency dental clinic.

The cost for our emergency dentist appointments are £57 (plus the cost of any treatment required). At your emergency visit, we will carry out a full assessment, take some x-rays (if required) and advise you on the best course of action.

If treatment is required at your emergency dental appointment in many cases,this can be completed on the same day. If you require lengthy or more complex treatment, or would like to be treated under Conscious Sedation we will schedule an additional appointment at a time that is convenient to you.

Either way, we will make sure that you leave Ascent Dental Care Malvern comfortable and pain-free wherever we can. We aim to be there when you need us most, as this is especially important in the requirement of an emergency dentist.

Common Dental Emergencies:

In the event of a Dental Trauma or Injury requiring an emergency dentist

We understand that you can never be fully prepared for every eventuality and accidents can still happen. When they do, it is always good to know what you should do:

  • Broken Teeth/Tooth -If you have broken a tooth or multiple teeth we advise that you carefully clean the injured site (to reduce the chance of infection). Use a gauze (sterile) dressing to cover any exposed area. If you are able to find the broken tooth fragment, you can preserve it in water, and bring it with you to your emergency dentist appointment.
  • Loosened Teeth - If you suffer a direct hit on a tooth it can start to feel loose. If this happens, we advise that you cover the affected area with an ice pack - carefully and gently, try to push the tooth back into its socket – call us straight away and ask for availability of an emergency dentist appointment at our Malvern clinic. The quicker your tooth is stabilised, you will have a higher chance of the tooth healing and reattaching itself.
  • Knocked Out Tooth - If a tooth is knocked out the quicker you are treated, the more likely it will be that the tooth is able to reattach and heal. Make an appointment with one of our dentists straight away. Locate the tooth and carefully hold on the larger part (crown) and not the thin end (root). Carefully clean off any debris, but avoid rubbing or touching the root. Very carefully rinse the tooth in a sink with the plug in. Gently attempt to put the tooth back into the socket, root first. Use a protective gauze to cover the affected area. This will be a temporary measure which can help stabilise the tooth until you see the team at Barnards Green for your emergency dentist appointment. If it’s not possible to put the tooth in the socket and hold it in, place the tooth in some milk, keep it wet and call us immediately.

Whatever your dental emergency, try not to panic and call us as soon as you can. We will prioritise your emergency dental care case with a dentist appointment to ensure that you are seen as soon as possible.

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