Sinus Lift Surgery

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Sinus Lift Surgery

Making implant treatment easy at our clinic in Malvern

We often find that patients have lived with missing teeth for many years. During that time, jawbone may have receded quite dramatically around the areas where teeth are missing (after all, the jawbone is present to hold the teeth in place, once teeth are missing, it will start to shrink back). This process can leave patients with vastly reduced bone volume and altered facial features.

In addition, when implants are placed in the back of the upper jaw, there is often reduced space due to the positioning of the sinus cavity. This, in combination with natural bone loss can make it very difficult to place implants.

Of course, in implant dentistry, we do require a certain amount of bone into which to place implants and this is where we rely on sinus lift & bone augmentation techniques.

At our clinic in Malvern, our skilled & experienced dental implant surgeons are able to carry out Sinus Lift procedures

The sinus is a hollow cavity which is an air space in our jaw bone. A Sinus Lift involves lifting the floor of the sinus and placing bone into the cavity to successfully allow implants to be placed. This graft material will form a matrix and will grow into the surrounding bone to form a solid structure very similar to bone. After a healing period, the area will be assessed and your implant/s will be ready to be placed.

Benefits of Sinus Lifts at our clinic in Malvern

  • They allow us to place implants and provide a beautiful natural implant based smile that once may not have been possible
  • They help to maintain bone integrity long term
  • They help to retain facial form and features
  • They can sometimes be carried out at the same time as implant placement
  • We can carry out this procedure ‘in-house’ therefore reducing the need to refer patients

A key part of your initial journey with the implant team at our clinic in Malvern will be your consultation.

We will take the time to listen and to make sure that we really understand your problems and concerns. We understand that every patient is different and we will work hard to make sure that we find a dental implant solution that suits you based on your individual needs.

Precision Planning

Treatment will be planned in great detail, after all, implant dentistry is designed to last for many years. We plan Sinus Lifts and Bone Augmentation procedures with great precision and care. Bone density and availability is assessed using our state of the art Carestream CT scanner. This CBCT machine offers patients high-resolution and low dose scanning along with simple patient positioning and overall comfort of use.

If you are required to undergo Sinus Lift or Bone Augmentation surgery, we can provide Conscious Sedation to ensure that the entire experience is relaxing and stress-free. All treatment options will be explained in detail prior to commencing treatment and will have the opportunity to ask questions and share worries or concerns.

If you are worried about missing teeth, or are fed up with loose, uncomfortable dentures please don’t hesitate to call our wonderful team today to book your free consultation

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