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Valplast Dentures

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Valplast Dentures

Premium quality Valplast dentures for flexibility and extreme comfort

Valplast denture are designed from a flexible, unbreakable resin material that matches gum tissue colour and feel for a natural looking fit.

Supreme quality makes Valplast dentures the premium choice for beautiful dentures.

Valplast dentures are made from an extremely durable & strong nylon resin and also comes with a lifetime guarantee protecting them from breakages or fractures. Materials used in the design of Valplast dentures are biocompatible and thermoplastic for a natural effect. Patients benefit from secure and healthy dentures, which restore oral function with improved aesthetics.

With huge cosmetic appeal, Valplast dentures are light to wear and sleek in overall design.

Benefits of Valplast dentures:

  • Valplast dentures have no metal clasps
  • Valplast dentures have transparent material above the teeth which makes them appear more natural.
  • Valplast dentures are extremely lightweight and comfortable.
  • Valplast dentures are usually smaller and sleeker than normal acrylic dentures which allows patients increased enjoyment of food.
  • Valplast dentures are placed in hot water a few moments before wearing. This flexibility means that once inserted into the mouth it molds itself snugly into place, reducing the need for denture fixatives.

At our clinic in Malvern, our skilled dentists and laboratory technicians work closely to create dentures that are perfectly bespoke. Communication is key. We promise to be sensitive to your needs, thoughtful about your appearance and are committed to providing you with dentures that will make you feel whole again.

If you are thinking about new or replacement dentures, why not call Ascent Dental Care Malvern
today, to book your free consultation. Valplast dentures are a wonderful investment and really are the Premium Quality dentures available today. We offer 0% finance at our clinic in Malvern to ensure that Valplast dentures are accessible and affordable for everyone

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