How Do I Pick The Best Colour Braces?

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Choosing the right colours for your braces may appear to be a daunting task, but remember that this is another opportunity to express yourself, and it can be a lot of fun!

Many men look good in darker braces with rubber bands, particularly hunter green and navy blue, whereas women look best in a brighter colour scheme, such as lighter blue or even gold. You could even choose fun colour combinations to celebrate the seasons or to show support for your favourite sports team. You can also choose a complementary colour or match your eye colour.

Other considerations should be made when choosing a colour scheme for your braces. Adults may want to consider a more subdued colour palette, especially if they will be working. You may also want to avoid lighter colours like white or pale yellow, which can make your teeth appear discoloured or stained.

However, regardless of the colour of your braces, make sure to take proper care of them to ensure proper results and a healthy, beautiful smile!

How do you decide which colour braces to get?

If you are not sure what braces colours to get, that is fine; you have plenty of options and can always switch at your next orthodontic appointment. Certain colours are universally flattering — navy blue or hunter green are neutral, cool tones that will brighten your teeth while drawing attention away from your braces.

This is an excellent option for anyone who does not want to make too many decisions regarding their braces. When you go in for your braces, the orthodontist and his or her assistants will have some excellent suggestions as well.

After all, they have a lot of experience and help a lot of people choose rubber band colours. Do not be afraid to seek assistance. Your friends and family may have useful suggestions.

Best braces colours for Guys

Darker brace colours suit men the best (this is true for anyone looking for a more masculine presentation). A darker palette complements some of the darker menswear, such as blue or black suits. Consider using rubber bands in hunter green, dark violet, or navy blue to complement your braces for a more masculine look.

Darker colours, such as bronze, dark red, or even silver, may look best on men with lighter skin tones. Guys with darker skin can choose a more vibrant colour, such as deep green or turquoise.

Avoid the darkest colours, such as black and brown, because they can make your teeth appear stained – and yellow, white, and clear will discolour easily, so avoid those as well. Remember that everyone’s personality is different, so the colour scheme you select should reflect that!


Best braces colours for girls

Girls and women who want a more feminine appearance might choose lighter, brighter tones for their braces rubber bands. A softer, more feminine vibe goes nicely with light blue, violet, or green. Pastels may be a great technique to give your smile a more feminine appearance.


Try a colour like gold or bright magenta for a stronger feminine style; they will surely pop and will be a fun accessory choice for anybody searching for a more feminine look. Have fun with your brace’s colours, and do not be afraid to experiment – after all, you can change them every month.

All brace users should avoid dark colours like as black and brown, as these might make your teeth seem stained or discoloured. The same is true for white and yellow rubber bands, as well as clear rubber bands, which tend to pick up colour from dark liquids such as coffee, tea, and red wine.

braces colours for adults

Adults, unlike children and teenagers, must consider their professional duties while selecting braces colours. Consider if your profession will let you wear bright colours – professionals such as attorneys or accountants may not have as much freedom to express themselves with vivid hues and should instead choose for a more subdued palette such as dark green or black.


Adults, on the other hand, look amazing in a broad range of colour possibilities, so if your job enables you to show off your flair, choose something more expressive, such as gold, silver, brilliant blue, or even pink! Your bold style will undoubtedly wow your co-workers.

Adults may choose to use a single colour rather than alternate hues, which can appear less professional and more fun. If you select a colour that suits you and complements your work attire, do not be scared to stay with it!

Combining colours is always enjoyable. Combine 2-3 colours in alternate patterns. It is typically preferable to stick to 1-3 hues, since four might be overwhelming.


Whatever colour rubber bands you pick, you will need to replace them on a regular basis, at each visit to the orthodontist, because rubber bands are elastic and progressively lose their effectiveness. You can use the same hue throughout or try something fresh.

When it comes to caring for your braces at home, make sure to follow your orthodontist’s instructions precisely, as this is an important part of treatment. No matter what colour elastics you choose, staining and poor at-home braces care will diminish the appearance of the bands.

Brushing and flossing on a regular basis will keep your brackets and wires clean, your teeth fresh and healthy, and your treatment on track!

Check out our fixed braces page to learn more.



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