Ceramic Braces

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Ceramic Braces at Ascent Dental Care Malvern

InVu braces for maximum results and super aesthetics

InVu braces are a fixed brace solution that is custom made from ultra-strong ceramic. The ceramic is tooth coloured and so blends in seamlessly with your surrounding teeth.

InVu ceramic brackets offer the perfect combination of high performance and superior aesthetics. When you choose InVu, you get braces that work and look great. In addition, InVu provides a smooth surface to ensure your mouth glides smoothly over each bracket and doesn’t get caught, making them very comfortable to wear. For these reasons, InVu is quickly becoming the most popular alternative to traditional metal braces.

InVu ceramic braces are the perfect fixed brace solution for aesthetics and ultimate precision

Benefits of InVu

  • Custom made ceramic brackets for superior strength
  • Discreet and aesthetic appearance
  • Maximum results

At our clinic in Malvern we offer a comprehensive FREE Straighter Teeth consultation alongside our wonderful ‘Straighter Teeth Programme’ which includes:

  • Free ‘Straighter Teeth consultation’
  • Brace or straightening system of your choice (dependant on results of consultation)
  • Cosmetic reshaping of teeth (if required)
  • Retainers (designed to hold teeth in place permanently)
  • Free Teeth Whitening for a ‘wow’ final result

We offer 0% finance at our clinic in Malvern which means that InVu braces are accessible and affordable for everyone

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